Damon/Alaric bromance returns in episode 11, By the Light of the Moon

Aimee asks: On Vampire Diaries, Alaric has been on Jenna duty and hasn’t been seen much in action this season. We miss him. When will he get to come out and play?
Mark Dec. 9 on your calendar. Go ahead, I’ll wait…. Okay, now read what executive producer Julie Plec tells us about this “little rendezvous” of bromantic proportions: “One of my favorite relationships on the show is Damon and Alaric and their buddy comedy shtick, and we get to see that in full effect in episode 11.” Plec also admitted that it has been a challenge finding a place for Alaric after the Isobel storyline came to a close last season. “His storyline was wrapped up for a while and it’s taken us longer than we wanted to jumpstart a new chapter for him. Hopefully, we’ll be able to crack that soon and really get to show him off, because we think he’s awesome.”

Source: Hollywood Insider


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