New love interest for Bonnie (no, it’s not Jeremy), Luka keeps a secret

Betty: Anything good coming up on The Vampire Diaries?
Mystic Fallsians better brace themselves because those werewolves, they are a-comin’! Thanks to a fun tweet from Katerina Graham this morning, we now know that the set peeps over at TVD need a lesson in grammar/spelling, and we our hear for them. More importantly though, there is a full moon ahead because there are live wolves on the set of The Vampire Diaries today—scary. Do you think there are more wolves in MF than we’ve been led to believe, or does this just mean that Tyler has turned?

Franklin: Will Bonnie and Damon be getting it on soon on Vampire Diaries?
Bonnie will be cozying up to the guy we have a photo of right here: Bryton James, who is playing a new love interest for her, by the name of Luka. He knows all about her powers and isn’t afraid of them, because his history-professor father told him all about the Salem witches. But Luka also has a secret. What do you think…These two look like a good match?

Source: Watch With Kristin


2 comments on “New love interest for Bonnie (no, it’s not Jeremy), Luka keeps a secret

  1. I would LOVE if there was Damon and Bonnie. But right now Damon needs to grow up, and Bonnie needs to take care of herself. Jeremy is caring and Luka can help with her powers. Had hoped for Mason. Whoever it is, gotta be strong, intelligent and wise to rock with my girl! ❤

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