Malese Jow’s Patrick Rogers photoshoot

Credit: Patrick Rogers Studios via Portrait Magazine


3 comments on “Malese Jow’s Patrick Rogers photoshoot

    • Debi, I almost stopped watching. I just kept hoping that would be the 1 plot line they would change for TV, to keep her on the show. They knew hiring her they’d have to kill her off at the end of season 1…… maybe she had a previous obligation ( contract ) and could only do the 1 season anyway. That’s what I tell myself, but it hurt when she left the show, took me 2 weeks to get back to where I could watch the next episodes. Ugh, she was a perfect little vampire. If Jermey knew what he was doing and just broke his neck jumping off the house or something, there would still be some of her left on the show. I mean it is his fault, if he had turned when she asked, they both woudl probably be out of town. Not to rewrite anything, just saying. It’s Jeremy’s fault.

  1. i was hoping she can come back on the show…am really hoping…maybe another character…but still she could be the love interest of jeremy..they looked good together..

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