Sun-kissed beauty to investigate Mason’s disappearance

Looks like Mason had many friends. After the tease that a friend of him will reveal he is not back in town, here’s another one. TV Guide’s Mickey O’Connor gave us a hint there will be a new beauty in town. She will get Damon’s attention, but her interest in him is not personal. Here’s what Mickey had to say about this unlikely relationship:

Will Damon ever be happy on The Vampire Diaries? — Sarah Jane
It’s unlikely, Sarah Jane. But look for a sun-kissed beauty to lighten his mood. She won’t flinch when Damon attempts to sabotage their flirtation with his acidic charm, but that’s because her interest in him is not personal. Said beauty has come to town to investigate Mason Lockwood’s disappearance, and this lady does not have a thing for bad guys.

Will the pretty girl cause problems? We hope not. After all, we all know how the ones, who dare to mind Damon’s own business, end.

Thanks to Diarios do Vampiro for bringing this to our attention!


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