More Katerina (209) stills, new potential love couples

In addition to the premiere still from TV Guide Magazine, Vampire Diaries Web have a bunch of new images for episode 9. Some of these spoiler us about this week’s episode pretty much, so watch with caution! Check out several unspoilery pictures below. If you don’t mind spoilers, though, head over to Vampire Diaries Web’s gallery for the rest!

And Zap2it‘s Carina Mackenzie (follow her on Twitter!) has a nice, juicy article once again. She discusses the “Katerina” stills, letting is know who the charming young man with Rose is – Slater. Judging from his name, he’s another centuries old vampire. Read an excerpt from Carina’s article and visit Zap2it for the entire story.

Jeremy, left behind in Mystic Falls while Damon and Stefan look for Elena, will help Bonnie after a spell leaves her drained. Judging from the photos below, it won’t be too long before the witch and the apprentice hunter are going on maybe-dates at The Grill. He wouldn’t be Jeremy if he was completely lucky in love, though, so it’s no surprise that Bonnie has her eye on Luca, the (very cute) new guy in town.


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