Miami Herald interview with Paul and Ian, CelebMagnet chats to Tiya Sircar (Aimee): “The Halloween episode is going to be huge.”

What can we expect this season?

Ian: The boys are sort of getting thrown in a different situation. My character Damon was the villain last year, and Stefan had to deal with him.

Paul: Well, you’re not really the villain anymore.

Ian: I know. Stefan has brought Damon to the other side to be a unlikely hero with his brother.

The full story – over at Thanks to @tvdnews for the heads up!

CelebMagnet talked to a cast member, too. They interviewed guest star Tiya Sircar, who plays Aimee Bradley (Tyler’s love interest right now), this week. The actress talks about the experience of being part of “Vampire Diaries”, her character’s relationship with Mr. Lockwood, tonight’s “Masquerade” and more. Check out the video below and visit CelebMagnet for their article!


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