Taylor Kinney on his Mason’s latest events, possible return & more: “You never know.”

We know we’re really late with this but we couldn’t catch up with all these Taylor Kinney interviews. He literally took over the Internet! Bunches of reporters talked to him lately (find the articles here and here). Here are the latest stories related to the hottie, including a video chat with E! Online (MAJOR spoiler warning!) Many thanks to Vampire-Diaries.net and Vampire Diaries Online for the heads up!

We also asked if that Mason were ever to be magically resurrected, what would that do to change the beloved character, and Taylor told us, “He’d be a supernasty beast that would kill everyone—he’d be so pissed off! I hope he’d have even more superpowers. [He should] come back from the dead with even more [power].”

Read the entire article (and watch the video!) over at Watch With Kristin.

So what’s on deck for you now that Mason is gone, at least for the time being?

Just reading scripts! The experience has been great. From “Vampire Diaries” alone the exposure has been phenomenal, with the fans and the industry, so I’m a pretty busy guy right now, which is what you want in any line of work — or play, as may be the case for me. We’ll see what happens. I’m so thankful for the fans, for the support. The show’s just going to get better and better. They have a ton more surprises in store.

The rest of Carina Mackenzie’s Taylor interview – at Zap2it.

PopWatch also chatted to the actor. Head over to their site for the full story.

Kinney says he and Ian Somerhalder shot the torture scene for about 10 hours. “Some of the times when we’d get rolling with it, it seemed really real. Ian wasn’t holding back,” he says, with another chuckle. “I think that guy was really trying to kill me. We made the most of it, and it turned out great.” We mention that exec producer Kevin Williamson once told us that he and fellow EP Julie Plec actually debated whether to have Paul Wesley shirtless in Stefan’s torture scene last season. (“That almost did me in,” Williamson said. “‘That’s enough. Let’s keep the shirt on from here on out.’ I just thought that was too much. But we were like, ‘But that’s what would happen, so…’”) Was there any debate about whether fully-clothed Mason should have his shirt off so we’d get a better look at the wounds Damon inflicted stabbing him repeatedly with a hot poker (not to mention at Kinney’s tattoos)? “I opted to be totally naked,” Kinney cracks. “I said, ‘We should just go for it,’ but they said, ‘No, you will have your clothes on.’ No. It was never a question, really. I think that might have been maybe too gratuitous.”

And so did Show Tracker:

How do you think Mason’s death is going to affect Tyler?
I think Tyler is going to flip out. I don’t know. He doesn’t have a choice. Mason did. He got distracted, but he really was there and he really did care for Tyler. That’s his blood. After Mason losing his brother, Tyler losing his father, Mason came back. Yeah, he had other things he wanted to do, but he sees a lot of himself in Tyler. He doesn’t want to see him mess up the way he did. So yeah, I think Tyler’s going to flip. Having his father die and then having someone who comes in as a father figure — not trying to fill his own father’s shoes, but someone who represents the head of the family, a male there, and someone who takes a liking to him, wants to hear what he has to say and tries to show him a past that will lead to something positive and productive in his life. To have that taken away, I can’t imagine he’s going to be able to keep it together much longer. I think everyone should keep an eye on Tyler. I think he’s going to have his share of stories to tell.

Click here to read the whole chat.

And finally, TV Squad‘s interview. Check out an interesting quote below and visit their site for the rest.

I like it. I’d sign that petition. So, since we’re saying goodbye to Mason, what would you put on his tombstone?
“Revenge is coming, bloodsuckers.”


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