Taylor Kinney interviewed by TV Guide, Fancast & Collider: ” It’s [the moonstone] more powerful than you’d think.”

TVGuide.com: Will the tension between Mason and Damon progress?
Kinney: It’s been a boxing match from the start. Mason was trying to be cool; he didn’t come to Mystic Falls to kill vampires. It’s why he chains himself up … because he knows what can happen if he does turn. Mason offers a hand and says, “Let’s squash this and be cool, I’m not your enemy,” and then [Damon] tries to kill Mason. There’s a huge amount of tension there and every week it’s going to escalate. They’re not going to be sitting at the bar drinking beers anytime soon.

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Why does Katherine want the moonstone?
You have to watch.  I can tell you that it has a lot of power. It can do a lot of things.  It’s evolved since we started, since talking with Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec about storyline and where things are going to go.  I can’t say for sure what it does, but I can tell you it can do a lot.

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Will viewers learn how Mason and Katherine came to be working together?

KINNEY: There’s always variables and questions. Not everything is so cut and dry. We saw, in the last episode, that they’ve known each other for a year, but you don’t necessarily know the entire background. Viewers will understand more as the episodes go on, but I don’t think they’re going to see an exact courtship just because Katherine is a mysterious character. Part of her charm is that you don’t know that much about her, she doesn’t give that much away and you don’t necessarily know her intentions. She can be charming and come across as really honest and with good intentions, and then completely turn, even in that relationship. Mason is with her, but I think they both have a couple of cards up their sleeve.

The full interview – over at Collider.


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