Show Tracker talks to Ian Somerhalder: “It’s [this season] synonymous with Katherine.”

There’s a masquerade ball episode coming up. Does Damon take a date with him?
No. Damon actually doesn’t take a date with him. He and Stefan have a lot of stuff to deal with. Last year, when Damon came to town, every notion he had, every desire he had, there was a lot of cause and effect. There was a ripple effect to every action Damon made. Now, this season and however long it’s going to go, it’s synonymous with Katherine. At the masquerade, Damon and Stefan are kind of forced to deal with Katherine in a way which is not easy on anybody. She’s as ruthless as Damon was in season one and more. She’ll stop at nothing to get what she wants. It’s just what she does.

Read the entire interview over at LA Times.


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