The 5 best Vampire Diaries spoilers from NY Comic Con

Although we’ve heard about Katherine since nearly the beginning of the show, her exact backstory is still a giant mystery. But not for long. “[The ninth episode is] an origin tale – we go back in time and show how Katherine became who she is,” Kevin reveals. “We answer a lot of questions, we get into the Petrova line of it all. We flashback to 1492 Bulgaria, London, Romania. We show how she started and why she was necessary to the story of the vampires.”

But that won’t be the only time traveling season two serves up. “We have four [flashbacks] planned,” Kevin adds. And by Thanksgiving, fans will know exactly why Katherine returned to Mystic Falls thanks to a shocking moment akin to Damon’s tomb reveal in season one. “That all explodes over the next four episodes,” Julie teases.

Read the entire article at PopWrap.


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