Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec talk about Delena: “We’ve got a long way to go.”

The neck-snapping incident that drove a wedge between the two former friends was arguably the most shocking moment we’ve seen yet in a series that surprises me in every act. Plec says that she and Williamson were having lunch when he pitched her the idea, and she gasped out loud. “My jaw fell on the floor,” she recalls. “That is the most messed up, twisted, ridiculous, horrible thing, that is awesome. And if I’m having a reaction, as someone who’s heard everything, and I lose my mind over it – it blew my mind.”

Read the entire interview over at Zap2it.


2 comments on “Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec talk about Delena: “We’ve got a long way to go.”

  1. Well, at least Kevin Williamson is listening. It appears the writers are throwing everything they can at the fans to take away the Damon love, but it is not working. Yes, Damon broke Jeremy’s neck in front of Elena, but Jeremy is alive and well. Yes, Damon has a long road of redemption. Yes, Damon needs to prove he is worthy of Elena’s love. After all that, Damon fans still want to see a romance between Elena and Damon build … slowly, but at least start the path towards it.

    I guess the Damon fans can blame Ian Somerhalder for his brilliant performance as Damon Salvatore, or Kevin Williamson for bringing the fans such a remarkable character that has become the heart and soul of the show, to why their is such an obsession with this complex character. Yes, I guess the blame is all on Ian and Kevin. All I can say is “Thank You”

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