David Anders possibly returning this season, Stefan and Damon team up

Jess: What’s ahead on The Vampire Diaries?
Don’t expect Damon and Stefan to become brothers of the BFF variety, but Ian Somerhalder tells us the two will be working together for time being. “There’s camaraderie because Damon and Stefan know that in order to protect themselves, Elena (Nina Dobrev) and the town from werewolves and Katherine, they have to set these differences aside. These two have had every opportunity to kill each other and they can’t do it. They love each other.” Isn’t it bromantic? – Watch With Kristin

I’m dying to know if we’ll see David Anders again on Vampire Diaries this season. —Addison

MICKEY: He did kind of disappear without much fanfare, right? The truth is that he might be gone now, but in the season-long struggle against Katherine, it’s going to be Elena’s closest relatives — blood and otherwise — who come to her rescue. And as any fan knows, that is one gnarly family tree. – TV Guide Magazine


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