The Washing Post and PopWrap interview Ian Somerhalder

The Washing Post chatted with Ian at their Energy Panel. Check out the article below and head over to their site in order to watch the video. Thanks to Vampire Diaries Online for the heads up!

I spent a few minutes with Somerhalder this morning, discussing how he has galvanized his many  Twitter followers, whether he would ever consider seeking political office, his status as America’s sexiest beast (according to Entertainment Weekly readers) and — in honor of yesterday’s sixth anniversary of the crash of Oceanic 815 — how he felt about the “Lost” finale.

The actor also talked to PopWrap about Damon’s relationships with his brother, Elena, Katherine and more, Vampire Diaries, etc. An excerpt can be found below. Read the entire interview at New York Post.

PW: What would you say is your favorite upcoming episode?
Ian: The flashback episode is big – a lot of flashbacks. The cool thing was, even for me as an audience member, a lot is revealed. Exactly what happened in that tomb. And Katherine is the one that explains it and you see it visually in the 1860’s. It’s confusing, powerful and cool. It’s compelling, dynamic and full of s*** we’ve always wanted to know. Which is always fun to see.


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