Starry Mag talks to Taylor Kinney: “It’s [Vampire Diaries] the best thing on TV right now!”

Q) What has been the most challenging part of playing Mason?

A) It’s just coming on board and getting acclimated. I’d say that’s the biggest challenge in any endeavor, being the new kid. The relationships that Mason has with the people in the town are all new, for the most part. Even if I know who people are or they know who I am, I’ve been out of town so long that those relationships don’t just kick right off. That’s the toughest part, just integrating yourself into a new area, place of work, town, school or whatever it is. It’s trying to be a part of that and get whatever you want out of it. I think people can empathize with that. It happens in life all the time.

Read the entire interview over at Starry Constellation Magazine.

Thanks to @tvdfansonline for the heads up!


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