Telefilm Magazine interviews Paul Wesley

There is a question that run through the head of Italian fans for months: why did you not come to the Telefilm Festival in Milan?
(He looks puzzled at me) Because nobody invited me, otherwise I would have willingly come. I literally go crazy for Italy!

Then consider yourself informally booked for next year. In addition to petitions to invite you for festivals I guess that fans ask you everything. Until now how many of them have asked to be bitten
(Laughs) Not many, because Stefan is a good vampire. Usually they vehicle these requests to Ian Somerhalder… I think. However, someone always try to ask a bite.

How do you feel working with Kevin Williamson? Have you ever seen his Dawson’s Creek?
Yes, certainly! I grew up with Dawson’s Creek and I always watched it. In fact, since then I have a deep admiration for Kevin Williamson both for this show than for Scream. Tt is still strange to think that a figure who influenced so much my childhood now has chosen me to work with him!

Have you read all the Vampire Diaries books?
I started doing it when I got the part but at some point I saw that the history of the show would have taken also different directions and I stopped.


He [Stefan] believes in eternal love, and you?
You’re right, he is surely the most romantic character I’ve ever played. I believe in true love as well. I know it exists because I saw it. My grandparents have taught it to me by example, they have been together since they were 16.

Are you intrigued by the idea of immortality?
Yes, but only if connected to the possibility to choice or not to end it, as happens to Stefan who can decide to take off the ring.

If you could live forever, what would you do?
I would use this possibility for the sake of the collectivity, I do not take advantage for selfish reasons, like Gollum in Lord of the Rings who wins “his treasure” and hides it. Everything revolves around this: When you have a power and a privilege, how you decide to use it? The vampires mythology, in my opinion, is a huge metaphor of life.

Wouldn’t you do any craziness?
Only one: to travel in space to explore without fear of what I would face. I might even get lost, but then I would have all the time to find the way back and in 5 million years I would still be walking around galaxies!” (Laughs)

If you could live a day in the life of Damon, what would you do? After all he is the amusing brother…
You’ll see that Stefan will learn to have fun and he will amaze you, though he is always the hero who likes to save the world. Damon also found some sort of balance in him being a bit evil and sociopathic, but I don’t know if I would live one of his days.

How is possible that you never thought to play Damon?
Actually, I thought about it! I also went to the audition for the role of Damon. To play the villain remains the dream of every actor. To dive into the dark side of human nature and explore situations to the limit (which you do not ever would live in daily life) is part of the charm of this work. What I hope is some kind of twist from the past. Who can tell what he did in his life over one hundred years?

Paul also replies to two questions – about being a fan of vampire genre and which of Stefan’s powers he would like to have. We already know the answers, so I didn’t translate them.

Source: Only Paul Wesley


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