Michael Trevino on ‘The Vampire Diaries’: “Tyler Will be Shirtless Sooner Than You Think!”

Do you want to see Mexican heartthrob Michael Trevino shirtless? Well, you’re in luck. The 25-year-old actor—who plays hot-tempered, soon-to-be-werewolf Tyler Lockwood on the CW’s sexy vampire drama, The Vampire Diaries, told Latina.com that the shirt is coming off. Trevino dished on why werewolves are hotter than vampires, whether or not he’s going to get a steamy sex scene, and what you can look forward to on tonight’s premiere.

What’s coming up for your character, Tyler in season two of The Vampire Diaries?
Tyler’s Uncle, Mason Lockwood (Taylor Kinney) is coming into town and is a big part of Tyler’s journey this season. Through Mason, Tyler will come to realize some interesting information about the Lockwood Bloodline.  Not everything is as it seems, and there are some big surprises down the road. It’s been a lot of fun so far, and I’ve been able to explore this character more this season. Tyler is going to be going through a lot this season and I hope that people are entertained by it. I think fans are going to enjoy the “sneaky” Lockwood family.

Did you have to get more muscular for the new season?
My producers never asked me to bulk up, but I took it upon myself to go to the gym a little more this season.

Will we see Tyler shirtless in season two?
Tyler will be shirtless sooner than you think this season.

Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Damon (Ian Somerhalder) are known for their provocative sex scenes on the show. Will Tyler get a wild sex scene of his own in season 2?
This is a question you would have to ask [producers] Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec, but if you ask me I’d like to think that he will. Stefan and Elena shouldn’t get to have all the fun [Laughs].

Do werewolves run hotter than vampires?
[Laughs] Well, we all know that our Vampires in Mystic Falls use “Vamp Speed” from time to time.  I’m wondering if our Werewolves use wolf speed? But what do you think I’m going to say? Of course, werewolves run hotter!

Source: Latina via Vampire-Diaries.net


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