Hollyscoop’s Top 10 Sexiest TV Casts

5. Vampire Diaries: Vampires are always sexy, and the CW has a proven track record of scooping up the hottest young actors in town to fill their casts. Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev are two of the most exotic people we’ve ever seen on TV, and we love the fight between the brothers over one girl. Makes us realize…vampires are just like us!

See who else made it to Top 10 over at Hollyscoop.

Source: Vampire Diaries BG

Just look at the photo above. Don’t they deserve first place? 😉

3 comments on “Hollyscoop’s Top 10 Sexiest TV Casts

  1. The Vampire Diaries cast has it all over the top 10 listed. After all Ian Somerhalder won “sexiest” beast beating out both of the True Blood men. Can’t believe this…the True Blood cast #1? No way….Ian, Nina and Paul together are the #1 sexiest cast on TV today.

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