Steven R. McQueen talks to Hollywood News about upcoming “Vampire Diaries” season We had the opportunity to interview “The Vampire Diaries” star Steven R. McQueen this morning (August 12nd). He has a meaty role (pun intended) in the upcoming horror comedy, “Piranha 3D.”

McQueen comes from a royal Hollywood family. He’s the grandson of iconic actor Steve McQueen, and son of Chad McQueen. Of course, most people know him for his work on The CW’s hit television show. McQueen plays Jeremy Gilbert, the adoptive younger brother of Nina Dobrev’s character, Elena.

We’ll have much more on “Piranha” next week, ahead of the film’s Aug. 20 opening. But before we let McQueen go this morning, we had to ask him about the second season of “Vampire Diaries,” which is set to begin on Sept. 9.

“Obviously I can’t say whether he makes that change or not,” McQueen told me, referring to an unanswered question from the show’s first season about whether the previously human Jeremy turned into an undead vamp for season two.

“But I can say that Jeremy has been pushed around a lot. He lost the girl he loved. Both girls he loved, in fact. He lost his parents. And he has been betrayed by the one family member that he has left. Rather than kind of wearing his heart on his sleeve and allowing himself to get pushed around, he starts to push back and stand his ground. He also begins to become a little more cold and calculated.”

When asked if he enjoyed taking Jeremy down these darker avenues, McQueen told me, “Oh yeah. Jeremy has been one of the most favorite characters I’ve ever played, just because he has gone through so much, and he has been forced to make so many changes. You can only be hurt for so long before you turn hard. And that has been interesting to see his progression as the series has gone along.”

Expect to see a lot of McQueen in the coming week, with “Piranha” hitting theaters on Aug. 20, and “The Vampire Diaries” returning to the airwaves in September.

Source: @CW_VampDiaries


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