The 2010 VampireSite Awards: Pick The Best Actress!

Every year on KryptonSite, we have the annual KryptonSite Awards, honoring the best and worst of any given season of the show.

To give us something to do as we all anxiously await Season 2 of The Vampire Diaries, we’ve decided to do a much smaller scale VampireSite Awards – honoring the best and worst of Vampire Diaries Season 1.

We’ll do this year with only a few categories – Best Actor, Best Actress, Favorite Writer, Favorite Director, Best Episode, Worst Episode, Best Guest Star, and Best Cliffhanger. If the response is good, this could be the start of what may become an annual tradition here at VampireSite.

So, please, vote – and look for the results to be posted once all of the categories have been voted on.

We’ve already done Best Actor, so now it’s time to pick Best Actress, a category between all of the women who star in the series who are listed as series regulars (or were, in the case of Kayla Ewell). That’ll last through Saturday 8/7, where we’ll switch over to Favorite Writer.

As with the KryptonSite Awards, votes are limited to one vote per category per IP. Please spread the word about the Awards, though, so we can have the most possible participation!

Cast your vote at


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