Sherwood Park News interviews Sara: “We’re all really excited to come back this season.”

Sherwood Park’s got its very own blood sucker, and she’s getting stronger by the day.

Well, OK, she’s not a vampire, but Sara Canning, a Sherwood Park native, is about to start taping the second season of Vampire Diaries, which airs on the CTV in Canada and the CW Network in the United States.

Canning plays Jenna Sommers in the TV show, an aunt and caregiver of Elena and drug user Jeremy, who go and live with her after their parents died in a car accident.

But in a world filled with vampires, witches, and other potentially supernatural beings, alluded to throughout the first season, Canning believes that her character will continue to stay oblivious to the fact that she is surrounded by blood-thirsty creatures.

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Hollyscoop’s Top 10 Sexiest TV Casts

5. Vampire Diaries: Vampires are always sexy, and the CW has a proven track record of scooping up the hottest young actors in town to fill their casts. Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev are two of the most exotic people we’ve ever seen on TV, and we love the fight between the brothers over one girl. Makes us realize…vampires are just like us!

See who else made it to Top 10 over at Hollyscoop.

Source: Vampire Diaries BG

Just look at the photo above. Don’t they deserve first place? 😉

Nina Dobrev on playing Elena and Katherine both

4. A Diaries doppelganger: Nina Dobrev is working twice as hard on CW’s Vampire Diaries, playing both Elena and Katherine this season. “I’m not sleeping because I’ve been shooting so much, if that’s any indication of how big the material is getting,” she says. “It’s getting darker and scarier, but at the same time, more fun for me. I’m also being tragic and running away from bad things.”

Source: TV Guide

Vampire Diaries’ Newest Character Is All About “Conflict” – and Maybe Sexytime, Too

Courtney Ford isn’t afraid of blood.

Ford spilled plenty of the red stuff this past season on Dexter as the Trinity Killer’s murderous daughter, now she’s joining the bloodsuckers on The Vampire Diaries as a vampire scholar.

Here’s what Courtney dished to us at Showtime’s Emmy nominee reception about her hot new TVD character, including the true nature of her “research” into the vampires of Fell’s Church. (Hint: Her character might have more on her mind than just books!)

“I play Vanessa Monroe, a Duke University grad student who’s helping Alaric (Matt Davis), Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Elena (Nina Dobrev) with Isobel’s research. It’s a really nice arc.”

Isobel, Elena’s birth mom and Alaric’s wife, was so obsessed with vampires that she persuaded Damon to turn her into one. Is Vanessa going to ask the same favor of the sexy Salvatore brother?

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