Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder leaving Warner Bros party

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6 comments on “Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder leaving Warner Bros party

  1. There was alot of speculation over the blond that Ian put his arm around. She appears to be part of the crew keeping our favorite cast members on schedule. We all know how much Ian loves the fans and wants to engage them. He is fantastic! He loves the fans! However, Ian and Nina are together so much off camera, it is hard to believe they are not a couple. Ian’s interview with Kristen, E!Online, stated that things are hard to figure out in the “possible” relationship. That is totally understandable “if” he is working on a relationship with Nina. They would want privacy. The problem is they have so much chemistry together it seems hard to deny it.

    • hey georgia peach..i agree. i think they’re trying to be careful about being seen together, u know. and i think the blonde is part of the crew. other people say she is in the upfronts video 2..she hugs ian and then nina..the truth is if he was seeing her or someone other than nina, why wouldn’t he tell to end all this speculation…

      • Agree! For Ian to stumble around with the question Kristin w/E!OnLine asked about”does Ian Somerhalder have a girlfriend” is out of character for him. He interviews so well and never misses a beat. There was no speculation about his relationship w/Meghan. They were together and now they are not. He was totally upfront about it. Complicated usually means there is something else in “play” here. Ian strikes me as the kinda of guy who is carful when it comes to matters of the heart. Maybe he is just being cautious. Perhaps the show management wants Ian & Nina to keep their relationship quiet, if they are in one. Usually when things don’t make sense, there is something being witheld for a reason. One thing that is for sure, they spend alot of time together off set. They are very best friends, which is a good thing.

      • U know guys I’m totally agree with u! :]]
        I think that Nina and Ian are couple too,because if they were just a friends they wouldn’t acting like this.. they hug each other a lot.. they went to Paris and they were really closed.. i mean their handss.. and everything else.. they kissed each other on the LAX sometimes so I really think that between them it has something more than ”just a friends” . I want them together cause they look so cute ! <33 And they're awesome :]] But honestly Nian were holding hands in Paris,but Ian holding hands with the blonde girl too 😦 So probably he's acting with mostly everyone like he's acting with Nina 😦 Butt .. let's just hoping that they're together,right? I mean I'll believe mostly when Nina or ian confirm the relationship between them ! <33 But still.. I believed now too 🙂 I love them so damn much! :]]

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