Award nominations and wins abound for Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries is showing up frequently among awards nominees and winners lately. Whether it is the NOW Awards or the Teen Choice Awards, the show is appearing in category after category. That’s definitely a good sign for a show just beginning to film their sophomore season.

The NOW Awards added three wins to the shows list. Ian Somerhalder won Best New Bad Guy for his portrayal of Damon. Paul Wesley was not left out, winning the title of Sexiest Vampire. The show overall was recognized with the Editors Choice award for Best Show. You can see video of Somerhalder, Wesley and Kevin Williamson being informed of their wins at Comic Con here.

The CW Sourcies, which has in the past been dominated by Supernatural and One Tree Hill, seemed to be a gift created for the series. These awards give the CW fans a chance to vote for their favorites in a different category each week. Vampire Diaries won 8 of the 10 categories. Their wins included Best Kiss, Best Fight, Hottest Moment, Best Villain, Biggest Surprise, Best Recurring Character, Favorite Bad Bay and Biggest Cliffhanger. Cliffhangers is something thatVampire Diaries certainly specializes in.

E! Online’s annual Tater Top Awards, also fan-voted, were riddled with Vampire Diaries. The show’s wins included Best Shocker, Best Baddie, Best B*tch and Best New Show. Ian Somerhalder won for Male Breakout Star and Nina Dobrev for Female Breakout Star. It’s also worth mentioning that while it didn’t win, the show did come in second in votes for Best Line in a Drama. Of course, that line was delivered by Damon. “I do believe in killing the messenger. You know why? Because it sends a message.”

With these wins and nine nominations in the Teen Choice Awards, it’s clear that Vampire Diaries is a fan favorite. Congratulations are in order for the whole cast and crew and good luck with season two.

Source: Vampire Diaries Examiner


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