Ian Somerhalder: ‘The Gulf of Mexico is gone’

Ian Somerhalder‘s activism in efforts to help his home state of Louisiana recover from the Gulf oil disaster have been well-documented in this space. But the “Vampire Diaries” star says he’s still “beyond angry and beyond sad” at the state of the Gulf.

“I grew up on those estuaries,” he tells Zap2it. “I literally grew up on a marsh, freshwater bayous that run into a saltwater lake. The connection is like no other. The nutrients, the fruit of the waters, literally fed me and grew me into the guy I am. That’s a connection similar to what you have with your parents. It goes very, very deep.”

Nearly three months after the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig exploded, causing the massive spill, Somerhalder questions the government’s response.

“The Gulf of Mexico could have been saved,” he says, making it clear he’s speaking only for himself. “It was destroyed by lack of leadership.

“In five or 10 years we will understand what truly happened — why President Obama didn’t federalize it, and why he has been a talking head for BP — when the smoke clears and the oil literally settles,” he says.

“It is a sad and strange coincidence of how much money BP gave to President Obama. There is no change or hope. This should have been federalized as a national disaster, and we will find out eventually what happened and why it happened this way. It doesn’t matter — the Gulf of Mexico is gone.”

Source: Diarios do Vampiro


One comment on “Ian Somerhalder: ‘The Gulf of Mexico is gone’

  1. Ian is absolutley correct. It should have been federalized and declared a disaster area. It is difficult to grasp why it wasn’t. The Federal Government did not show any leadership and totally dropped the ball. There is and was technology out there to help siffen the oil out of the water. Foreign allies, with high tech ships extremely capable in these matters, were ready to immediately help us. The Obama administration turned them down in writing on the 3rd day of the spill. The Federal Government is responsible for protecting the United States waters, coastline, marshes/wetlands and borders. BP needs to fix the leak and pay the claims. Also, we still don’t know what happened on the oil rig. Why did all the safety features in place fail all at the same time? Like Ian said, “we will find out eventually what happened and why it happened this way”. Love you Ian Somerhalder! Totally Team DAMON!

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