More “The Vampire Diaries” nominees at Tater Top Awards

As you all know, the cast are nominated for Breakout Stars at Tater Top 2010. New categories have been announced, and our favourite show is nominated in two of them – Best Shocker and Love Triangle You’re So Over. You may already know who is nominated in the first one. Yes, that’s right, it’s the Katherine/Elena switch in the season finale. For now, Katherine wins with 37.3%. Cast your vote and help percentages increase! Entire finale of Grey’s Anatomy is closest to her with 28%. Though this doesn’t apply to the other category, Love Triangle. Cristina/Owen/Teddy win there. Stefan, Elena and Damon are behind them with almost 10% less. Let’s change this by voting for the “Vampire Diaries” triangle. We’d like to remind you that you can’t do it by your phone.

Best Fight and Best Kiss will be up this week. You can get your nominees in by tweeting to Kristin or commenting on her blog.


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