Ohio native stars in ‘Vampire Diaries’ and other shows

Before Zach Roerig dedicated himself to bringing characters to life on television, he spent quite a bit of time among the dead.

“I spent a lot of my summers in cemeteries, which sounds kind of messed up but really it’s not, because cemeteries are some of the most beautiful places,” he said.

At least the native of Montpelier, Ohio, about 55 miles west of Toledo, had a good reason: making cemetery memorials is the family business. It just happens to be a coincidence that his current role is starring among the undead on the CW’s The Vampire Diaries, which began shooting its second season last week.

Roerig, who also has appeared on the soap operas As the World Turns and One Life to Live, comes from a village of about 4,000 and grew up baling hay for the horses on his grandfather’s 100-acre farm. It all adds up to a unique resume.

“It was amazing,” Roerig, 25, said of his youth, speaking by phone from his grandfather’s farm last month. “That’s the kind of stuff I was doing before I went to New York.”

That move, which came just three days after graduating from a high school where he was on the wrestling, football, and track teams, was a huge leap but it wasn’t a complete surprise.

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‘Vampire Diaries’ Season 2: Elena Will Discover Why She Looks Like Katherine!

If there’s one thing we can’t get enough off, it’s season two “Vampire Diaries” scoops. In the last week alone, we’ve given you an exclusive sneak peek into Damon’s reaction when he finds out it’s not Elena he kissed, the dish on the werewolves that will descend upon the town and of course the confirmation that we were all waiting for — Elena (Nina Dobrev) and Katherine will meet.

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The last one was a pretty big deal, especially because of the shroud of mystery surrounding the relationship between the two girls. After all, they do look exactly alike and we’ve all wondered why. So, when we chatted with show exec producer Kevin Williamson at Comic-Con, we decided to work our Hollywood Crush magic and get him to give us the goods on whether or not the truth would be revealed in season 2.

“We 100 percent go there,” Kevin said of revealing why Katherine and Elena look so much alike. “It’s not an easy answer, it’s something I think Elena’s going to have to uncover, and I think the answers aren’t exactly what she wants to hear. But 100 percent, she is going to figure out the doppelganger aspect.”

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Vampire Diaries’ Julie Plec: The Love Triangle Becomes a Square

Villain vampire Katherine, who once turned the Salvatore brothers into sexy undead fangers, has returned to Mystic Falls — and boy, is she ready to cause some trouble. Vampire Diaries executive producer Julie Plec reveals that while the boys will discover her true identity quickly — since there was that little mix-up in the finale when Damon kissed Elena, but it was really Katherine! — the love triangle will get even more complicated in Season 2. Get the scoop on the new season below:

TVGuide.com: Nina Dobrev will be taking on two characters at the same time in the new season, playing both Elena and Katherine.
Nina is one of the nicest people in the world, and she makes the joke that Katherine is Nina on a Saturday night. Nina on a Saturday night is definitely feisty, but by no means an evil, manipulative, horrible troll. For her to be able to play both the moral center and soulful, compassionate character, and then the narcissistic, selfish, manipulative, naughty minx is big for her.

TVGuide.com: What is Katherine’s goal this season?
She sets her sights on basically making sure that the Stefan [Paul Wesley] and Elena love story hits a snag. It’s going to be fun seeing Stefan and Katherine come up against each other. Obviously it’s fun to see Damon [Ian Somerhalder] and Katherine because there’s a lot of history there, too, but the triangle becomes the square.

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