The Vampire Diaries included in 2010 CW Sourcies nominees

Vodpod videos no longer available.

It’s time for the opening salvo of The 2010 Sourcies, and we’re kicking things off with a big one: Best Kiss. And The CW gave us plenty to choose from!

Some changes this year: We’re using the most stringent security we can to prevent multiple voting. We hope this doesn’t make it difficult for anyone to vote, but if it does, we apologize. Voting is open until June 20, 11:59pm Central time. You are welcome to post a link (which we’d prefer) or the poll (which is less happy for us — come on, we need the traffic!) on your blog, fan site, live journal, etc., but please send people here to comment/trash talk/etc.

So which pucker is worthy of first prize? The revealing embrace on Smallville? The so-wrong-its-right liplock on The Vampire Diaries? The reconciliation kiss on 90210? The elegiac goodbye on Supernatural? The celebratory smooch on One Tree Hill? That’s for you to decide — vote now!

Vote here.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

The 2010 Sourcies is back with another hot contest: Best Fight. That’s right, we’re not only pitting these shows against each other, we’re also showing the beat-downs and punch-ups that happen in the context of the shows themselves. So which fight defeats the rest?

So which fight knocks out all the others? Was it the raid on the tomb vamps’ house to rescue Stefan on The Vampire Diaries? The Clark vs. Zod fisticuffs on Smallville? The James sisters pool brawl on One Tree Hill? Liam’s righteous smackdown of Jasper on 90210? Or the angelic beatdown Castiel dispensed to Dean on Supernatural? Your votes decide!

Voting closes at 11:59 pm on Sept. 23. One vote per person, and we’re enforcing that. Feel free to link or embed, but please send us the traffic for comments — and yes, we love to hear from you (trash talk and all). But enough of the official stuff — get voting!

Vote here.

Source: @CW_VampDiaries


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