Bianca Lawson talks her Pretty Little Liars character, Mia: “She’s such a free spirit and she doesn’t care what anyone thinks.”

You may remember Bianca Lawson for her role on Save the Last Dance and recognize her from her role on The Vampire Diaries. She is also starring in the highly anticipated book-adaptation ABC Family show, Pretty Little Liars. In this interview Bianca talks about the show, her beauty regimen, and why she prefers water to products!

Which beauty products do you use on a daily basis?

Bianca: I’ve been using the same thing I’ve used since I was a teenager, which is Cetaphil. I love Cetaphil’s cleansing cream, face cream and aloe vera gel. Those are the three things I always use. I’m always bouncing around with hair products, right now I’m exploring Aveda’s Brilliant line.

What is your fitness regimen?

Bianca: Oh my god, I’m really lazy. (laughs) I am so lazy. I really don’t have a regimen. When I was younger I used to be into cardio and taebo and step-orobics and hiking. Lately, I haven’t done anything at all. I’d like to get into yoga, but I’ve been really bad.

Have you picked up any tips from makeup artists?

Bianca: In my regular life, I don’t really wear much makeup unless I’ going out. Small tricks like the way they apply highlighter or eyeshadow. Little things like “hey that looks really good, I actually never thought about using things that way”. In the last episode [of Pretty Little Liars], the makeup artist put liner inside the bottom of my eye in the waterline, and I’d done that before. But she also suggested putting it inside the upper lid as well, and that will really open up the eye. It looks amazing, and it really opens the eye. It seems like it would be hard, and I haven’t tried it on myself yet.

Are you a dress-up kind of girl, or are you more into jeans and a tee?

Bianca: Definitely sweats and tank top and flip flops of UGGs. It’s pretty bad. My stylish friends are always trying to sit me down and say “no more sweats, no more UGGs, you’ve gotta dress up”. I think for my job, when you’re dressing up all the time. I’m a pretty low key person when it comes to style, I love to be comfortable all the time. I love getting dressed up when I’m going out out. But most of the time I just like to be comfortable. It’s really annoying to everyone in my life, but I love it. (laughs)

What is your guiltiest spa pleasure?

Bianca: A massage. For me, in terms of facials, and body scrubs, I’m more less is more. When I’ve done all that, and gone to get the wraps and the scrubs, I find with my skin, the less I do the better it looks. When I try to do all of that stuff I actually look worse. When I do literally nothing, just put water on my face and moisturizer. I don’t even wash my face unless I have makeup on, my skin look so much better. Just water is the best thing ever. People always ask me what I do with my skin and I say nothing. That’s why it looks so much better.

Who is your personal beauty icon?

Bianca: I’d say my mother. Just because evens since I was a little kid she was always about protecting your skin and moisturizer. She’s a huge aloe vera person, and we had a plant for everything. For a cut, a scar, anything. It’s a miracle.

What drew you to your character on Pretty Little Liars?

Bianca: She’s very very confident, and very self assured. She’s probably alot more mature than I am, and alot more confident. (laughs) She’s such a free spirit and she doesn’t care what anyone thinks. You always want to be that person that doesn’t care and says exactly what you want to say at the exact moment, but you still have that filter because you don’t want to hurt feelings and you’re conscious of how you’re coming off and want to be liked. She honestly doesn’t care, and she so lives in her truth. I just feel like how free that would be to be so secure and to not care what people think that you are constantly living in your absolute truth all the time. I can workout my stuff through Mya.

Since you have a filter and she doesn’t, do you have any similarities that make it easy to connect with her?

Bianca: Yeah. I definitely feel like I can relate to her, especially in the books. She’s very vivid in the books, and I feel like the show is very close to the books. I think we’re both very strong and we’re both very decisive. She’s not insensitive, she’s a very compassionate person and she has a lot of empathy, but she can feel what another person is going through. She won’t change what she’s going to say because of it, but she can feel it. I’m a highly sensitive person to other peoples energies as well, but I will adjust myself to it. Mya is sensitive to it, but it doesn’t matter. (laughs)

Besides Pretty Little Liars, do you have anything in the works we can look forward to?

Bianca: I have a reoccuring role on The Vampire Diaries, so that’s been amazing. That’s another incredible show. It’s insanely amazing. I play Emily Bennett and it’s actually someone from the past, so it’s alot of serious stuff and she’s a witch.

Are we going to see Emily again?

Bianca: I don’t know. So, crossing fingers!

Would you like to send a personal message to your fans and fans of the books?

Bianca: I hope you enjoy the show, I know you will. Everyone has been working very hard, and I know the show is going to be amazing. I know that die hard fans of the books are going to be satisfied and at ease. For all of my fans that have been with me through Buffy and Save the Last Dance and all these great movies, I’m just really grateful.

As of right now, all of the networking accounts under Bianca’s name are fake. Be sure to check out the premiere of Pretty Little Liars on June 8th at 8PM!

Source: Celebrity Beauty Secrets Examiner


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