Sara Canning and Zach Roerig – The next ‘Vampire’ victims?

By Nikki Freihofer
Evanston Township

On a cold November night in 2008, the world was attacked by vampires. OK, not literally, but does the release of a little movie called “Twilight” ring a bell? Ever since Stephenie Meyer published her infamous books, vampires have become one of the biggest teen phenomenons of the 20th Century.

Besides “Twilight,” now there’s “True Blood,” and “The Vampire Diaries,” which debuted last fall to become the CW’s most popular new series. Each episode features murder, scandal, love, drama and (of course) a brood of hot vampires.

TheMash recently spoke with two members of the “Vampire Diaries” cast at a CW event downtown. Sara Canning plays Jenna Sommers, the aunt of Elena Gilbert, who is dating Stefan, the lead vampire. Zach Roerig plays Matt Donovan, Elena’s mortal ex-boyfriend. Here’s what they said about being part of the vampire craze.

What’s it like to work on a show with vampires, which are obviously popular right now?
“Well, I want to thank ‘Twilight,’ first of all! One of the most exciting things about working on a vampire show is that basically anything’s possible. At any given time when I’m reading the script, the unthinkable could happen.”

How familiar were you with vampires before working on the show?
“I actually learned a lot about vampires, stuff like they can’t even walk through door frames without being invited in.”
SC: “It seems like each show has their own set of rules. I think that what’s so good about `The Vampire Diaries’ is that there’s all these little quirks and facts about what vampires can and can’t do that serve the greater story. What `Vampire Diaries’ has done that is different from other vampire series’ right now is connected it to average people.”

Do you ever wish that your character was a vampire?
“Once you read in the script that your character’s a vampire it’s a very permanent thing, and you’ll probably get staked in the chest, so I don’t know. Although vampires are constantly sexing it up in the show, so maybe.”
SC: “I think that a cool thing about the `Vampire Diaries’ is seeing how humans change when they transition into being a vampire — like when Matt’s sister Vicky was turned into a vampire — and I’d love to see what crazy traits would come out of Jenna as a vampire.”

What can fans anticipate next season?
“I think that fans can definitely look forward to the emergence of Katherine’s character (a vampire who had relationships with the two male lead vampires). In the finale it was the first time we’d seen her in the flesh.”
SC: “Yeah, before then we’d only seen her in flashbacks, and what was so great about that moment was that it had only been slightly alluded to that she was somewhere in the world, and then all of a sudden she was right there in everybody’s face.”

It’s prom season for Mash readers—do you have any cool prom memories?
“I was actually prom king! But there were only like 3,000 people in my town and 300 students in my school, and I may or may not have rigged it …”
SC: “We don’t call it prom in Canada, we call it grad. The most important thing to remember is to have fun even though it seems like a huge deal for everything to be perfect. I was on Grad Council, and we spent a year putting the whole thing together, and then on that day we realized that it was just another day. Relax, don’t spend seven hours on what you look like, and just have fun with your friends.”



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