Watch The ‘Vampire Diaries’ Cast Give Each Other High School Superlatives!

Click to watch their video interview

Think Nina Dobrev would be Most Likely to Succeed? Or would Paul Wesley be Hottest Bad Boy? Check out what they think their fellow cast members would be!

If you thought super hunky Paul Wesley would have been voted prom king, think again. The Vampire Diaries star didn’t even GO to his prom!

“I have no idea [what high school superlative] I’d be, because I didn’t have a prom,” the 27-year-old actor, who won mark’s Make Their mark. award at the Young Hollywood Awards May 13, told exclusively.

He admitted, “I don’t know if I’d go back to high school. That was a rough time!”

What will be a rough time for US is getting through the summer, now that the Vampire Diaries’ season finale aired last night. Bloody awful!

Watch this video to find out about the rest of the cast’s high school experiences here!

– Laura Schreffler


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