Boston Herald interviews Ian Somerhalder: “There are a lot of twists and turns in this episode [the season finale].”

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for actor Ian Somerhalder.

The Louisiana native taped the season finale for CW’s “The Vampire Diaries” (tonight at 8 on WLVI [website], Ch. 56) and scenes for the “Lost” series finale.

That’s right, Boone is returning.

“I was gone for a total of 60 hours,” Somerhalder said of his crazy commute from the set of “Vampire Diaries” in Atlanta to “Lost’s” Hawaiian location.

Somerhalder talked to the Herald this week via telephone from Los Angeles. The 31-year-old offered clues as to what might be in store for Damon Salvatore, his tormented bloodsucker from “Vampire Diaries,” and his thoughts on the end of “Lost.”

“Make no mistake about it, Damon came to Mystic Falls not caring about anything but himself. He is starting to forge these relationships, and he is starting to care about people and things. It’s dangerous for him. It is not where he wants to be,” Somerhalder said.

Damon is part of a complex love triangle involving his fellow vampire and brother Stefan (Paul Wesley) and human Elena (Nina Dobrev).

“There is a cool twist that I think adds a real cool layer that will be interesting to see in season two. There are a couple deaths. There are a lot of twists and turns in this episode. It was a lot of fun to shoot. I just hope it doesn’t suck,” he said, then laughed.

Though he plays a bad boy on TV, Somerhalder spends his free time finding homes for shelter animals through his Twitter account.

“Other than marine biology, if I wasn’t doing this (acting), this is what I would be doing,” Somerhalder said.

That’s a very Boone Carlyle thing to say. Somerhalder’s character was killed off during “Lost’s” first season.

“I think Boone got a lot of the sympathy card because he just never got a chance to figure out his worth on that island due to an untimely death,” the actor said. “It was just a beautiful, life-changing experience being on that show. I am grateful to those guys every day. A show like that gives you so much. When that door closes, two more open.”

Boone popped up in this season’s premiere in “Lost’s” flash-sideways, but Somerhalder could not discuss what his latest – and last – appearance entails.

“It was really cool to do these scenes that I did a couple weeks ago in Hawaii,” he said. “It felt good to be a part of it.”



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