‘Vampire Diaries’ Cast Takes Over Atlanta Hot Topic: Our On-The-Scene Report

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This past Saturday, the Town Center Mall in Kennesaw, Georgia echoed as upcoming band “We the Kings” entertained a nearly mile long line of “Vampire Diaries” fans as they anxiously waited to meet the cast of hit CW show.

From Virginia, to South Carolina, and even Chicago, die hard fans traveled from all over to catch a glimpse of the cast. More than 500 people were able to shake hands and get an autograph from the 10 cast members present, while several hundred waited outside of the Hot Topic in hopes of a glimpse at their favorite Mystic Falls resident. The first in line was a mom and daughter duo who had been waiting since 7:45 in the morning to guarantee their spot in line to meet the crew. Though the screaming was a few octaves lower than the “New Moon” cast appearance at the Mall of Georgia in November, these fans were much more determined to win the hearts of their favorite cast member.

There was even a number of moms standing in line who openly admitted they, too, had hopes of stealing the vampire brothers from Elena Gilbert, played by actress Nina Dobrev. Inside the Hot Topic, the cast was all smiles as they signed posters and made fun of one another not letting the nearly two hours of singing autographs leave them any less hyped up.

While a select amount of lucky fans got their custom posters signed, hundreds of people outside of the food court lined the stage as We the Kings (pictured above) performed for a second time before the Q & A session. The cast came down to the stage as “Check yes Juliet” resonated throughout the mall.

It took a good five minutes or so before the screaming subsided enough to begin asking questions. Katerina Graham, who plays the witch Bonnie Bennett, was so excited she even ran to the crowd to hug several people in the front row. The decibel of the screams raised when former “Legally Blonde” hunk Matthew Davis was welcomed to the stage as one-half of the Salvatore brothers, Ian Somerhalder, asked the crowd, “Girls, do your teachers look like that?” (No, Ian, ours definitely didn’t!)

The cast was excited to be in the hometown of their set and told the fans their favorite part of working in Atlanta was the southern hospitality. One fan asked Nina what was the biggest difference between “Degrassi” and “Vampire Diaries,” and she responded: “Well, no one is trying to kill me on ‘Degrassi.'” Ian joked with the crowd that is favorite color was blood red and admitted that he tries to spook his castmates out on set, especially when they shoot at night.

A nice moment was shared as the crowd sang Happy Birthday to Nina (she recently hit her 21st milestone). When one fan asked her who was a better kisser between Stefan and Ian, she responded as any lady would, “I’m a girl who never kisses and tells.” The competition between Ian’s and Paul Wesley’s fans was almost as intense as Team Edward vs. Team Jacob, but the boys were able to joke about it. Paul said, “Well, Damon’s crazy, and Damon drives Stefan crazy.” To end the quarrel Nina told the crowd she would pick “Defan” (a mixture of Damon and Stefan) their “other” brother over the two vampires to date.

Source: MTV’s Hollywood Crush

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