Daily wallpapers #001 Damon and Elena

by pucklovesquinn @ Fanpop

by [info]lambimari


9 comments on “Daily wallpapers #001 Damon and Elena

  1. vampire diaries is the best Paul Nina annd Ian they rock love you guys off vampire diares there f’ckin awsome

  2. That third d/e wallpaper was made by me. I posted that wall along with the rest from that set at my lj [lambimari.livejournal.com] Taking credit for work that’s not yours is just LAME.

    • I am not the author of this post but I am sorry. The author mentioned the place she found it at, so it is not our fault. Anyway, I will credit you.

  3. Obviously credit was given.. Ok, it was the wrong one.. I used the information given where I found it, which was obviously on Fanpop. Which means someone else along the line forgot to credit you. But it also means I made the effort to credit the author/place where I took it from.. Shoot me cause I was wrong.. Yeah, because my goal in life is to steal wallpapers.. What a career move. Donald Trump, watch out! You know what is lame, it is lame to abuse people for making a mistake. You could have easily said “listen guys, I made this, it is not cool to not credit me, please do”.. But no, you had to go crazy on us. Some people need to seriously relax. Usually it is a good idea to try gathering some facts about a situation before making accusation.

  4. Hello! The second wallpaper is mine, actually. I posted it at livejournal last year. I know that the blame is totally on pucklovesquinn from Fanpop for not crediting properly, but I’d appreciate it if you would correct that here. Thanks! 🙂

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